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Foreign nationals of Indian origin who are residing in India for employment of specified duration (irrespective of the length thereof) or for a job or assignment, the duration of which is not longer than three years are considered as not-permanent resident in India and are treated at par with foreign nationals for all purposes under exchange control regulations and as such are subject to restrictions placed on foreigners in this regard. Foreign nationals of Indian origin, permanently resident in India, are treated at par with other resident Indian nationals, and have been granted general exemption from the restrictions placed under foreign exchange regulations.
Provisions applicable to foreign nationals of Indian origin who are resident in India for employment of specified durations (irrespective of the length thereof) or for a specific job or assignment the duration of which does not exceed three years (i.e. who are not permanently resident in India) are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs
Exemptions granted for various purposes

Foreign nationals not permanently resident in India are exempted from the restriction imposed under FERA 1973, in respect of the following: 

  • Maintenance of and operations on their foreign currency bank accounts outside India.
  • Making payments to or for the credit of persons resident outside India out of funds held in foreign currency accounts maintained abroad.
  • Holding in India of foreign currency in the form of travelers cheques, currency notes, bank notes and coins.
  • Acquisition, holding or disposal of foreign securities, provided such securities are acquired by them as their own property or are held by them for on behalf of foreign citizens not permanently resident in India. 
  • Making of settlement of gift or property outside India.
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